Inserts & Boosters

Every reusable nappy we sell requires inserts for absorbing liquids, think of the nappy like the shell and the inserts are where the magic happens. These inserts usually go into the back pocket of the nappy, but can be placed on top also like a booster / liner.

We sell a wide range of inserts and more info can be found here, but to clarify what inserts we have available on this listing to pick from is below.

• Microfibre – 3 layers of Microfibre.

• Bamboo – 4 layers of bamboo.

• Bamboo Charcoal – 4 layers total. The 2 outer layers are bamboo charcoal and 2 inner layers are microfibre.

• Hemp – 4 layers total. The 2 outer layers are hemp and the 2 inner layers are microfibre.

To get the best from your nappies it’s advised to have at least 2 inserts in the nappy at one time and to mix and match materials as different materials offer different properties. For example microfibre is quick absorbing (usually put on top) and bamboo is high absorbancy so carries a lot but doesn’t absorb quickly (so best to put behind).